mintsa Designs for Earth Signs

Ambitious Capricorn, detail-oriented Virgo and tasteful Taurus, this one’s for you. We’ve studied your personalities and learned what you value, your lifestyle, and what makes you tick. We’ve created a special collection of the pieces we know you’re going to love.  
Less is more. You’re as tasteful as you are practical, and you’ve got a knack for aesthetics. Genuine and grounded, you keep it real and you value authenticity. You respect hard work, and you have a good eye for quality. That’s why you’re going to love to know that our clutches are carefully and cautiously handcrafted with the finest natural materials.

Functionality. You’re a boss babe and you’ve got things to do, so your accessories must be as practical as they are elegant. These clutches are as spacious as they are versatile and beautiful.

Air and Fire signs, we haven’t forgotten about you. Keep an eye out for our upcoming blogs about mintsa pieces that are designed just for you.

With love,