Finding the Luxury Clutch Bags - Emirates Fashion Week

A trendy clutch bag is a global fashion statement. While it has become a popular accessory for many people in the current lifestyle, the bag's original purpose remains the same. These bags were invented during a period when women's gowns no longer had pockets, and clutches were a necessity to hold precious belongings.

Nowadays, the clutch bag is a popular utilitarian item for weddings, birthdays, christenings, and other celebrations, as well as part of a spring/summer wardrobe. Although carrying a clutch bag is a practical option since it gives a place to hold personal belongings such as keys, a mobile phone, or even lipstick, the bag itself is a fashion icon.

Many individuals have difficulty deciding which bag would best complement their attire when selecting the correct purse for an occasion. Many people select a bag that complements their dress or shoes in color and style, but having a strong bag with a vivid pattern or color, can be a powerful fashion accessory.

While finding the right bag is difficult, we've compiled a list of dos and don'ts for selecting the fabrics, colors, textures, designs, and styles for your bag to create an ensemble that complements your style.


One of the most important aspects in determining which clutch bag is suitable for you is bag size. Simply consider what you'll need to bring to the event and then choose a bag that has adequate room for those goods without seeming overstuffed. 


When you prepping up for the Emirates Fashion Week, whether you select a basic bag, a tie-dye bag, a patchwork bag, or an animal print bag, you should always consider how these items will affect your entire ensemble. As a general rule, for more intricate patterned or printed apparel, we suggest a somewhat plain design bag that will not detract from your outfit. But keep in mind that plain does not have to be dull! There are hundreds of colors and textures to choose from to express your particular style. 


If you're concerned about your budget, it could be challenging to find the appropriate bag. A vintage designer bag could cost a lot of money and leave your purse feeling empty.

This is why you can discover lots of stunning clutch bags at incredible prices in our online store, so whether you're searching for a new bag you'll adore or just some inspiration, we have something for you.

You'll be spoiled with choice with our huge selection of styles, colors, textures, and patterns, and you'll know you're getting a fantastic deal, too!


The style of your bag impacts not only the appearance but also the comfort and functionality of the bag. Many handcrafted luxury clutches come with a small chain in a color complimenting the bag, this can generally be tucked away inside the bag or removed if you prefer a clutch to hold instead.

There are so many styles of clutch bags to choose from, each with its unique advantages.

  • Envelope Clutch
  • Box Clutch
  • Kiss Lock Clutch
  • Wristlet Clutch 


The clutch you finally buy should reflect your unique style, preferences, and gut instinct, but keeping the above points in mind will help you choose something that fits your budget and your wardrobe, resulting in a more personally satisfying purchase overall.

Mintsa cherishes the adaptability and practicality of any investment, and we believe that our handcrafted luxury clutches combine these principles to meet global standards. Browse our collection to find your ideal clutch today.