mintsa Designs for Fire Signs

Let’s turn up the heat a little bit!

Fire signs, we’re talking about you. You’re passionate, daring, and bold - exactly why we’ve set aside our most striking designs for you. 

You’re a trendsetter and you light up every room you walk into. That’s exactly why you need an accessory that matches your powerful presence.


The Fierce clutch is unique, quirky, and versatile. Its distinctive shape adds a touch of elegance and charmingly resembles a shell. It’s spicy and fun, yet classy and sophisticated. Ideal for various occasions. 


The Asteria is absolutely adored for its sparkly and ombre effect. Not to mention the adorable gold stars that border the clutch. It’s such a pleasure to carry and it elevates any outfit with a little glitz and glamor. 


Have you ever seen a clutch in the shape of waves? The Maya is loved for its alluring shape. The more attention you give it, the more it intrigues the eye - just like your infectious energy. Like your magnetic aura, the gorgeous green shell designs add a seductive essence to the piece.

Veil Gold 

If there’s any clutch that is made for you, it’s undoubtedly the Veil. Its regal and majestic look is unmatched. The detailing of the brass weaves is beautifully captivating and intricate. The stunning natural stones enhance the vibrancy and illuminating effect of this piece. 


with love,