Mintsa Designs for Water Signs

Dear Water Sign, 

You are so dreamy, intuitive, and genuine. You are far from superficial, and we know you love things of sentimental value. 

Therefore, our first recommendation for you is The Bliss clutches!


100% handmade, each bead is crafted with so much love, attention, and care. It embodies the same mysterious aura you carry. The more you look at it, the more it draws you in, and the more it shines. How cute is its compact size? It’s dainty and lightweight, yet durable and practical.


We’re very excited to introduce The Light.


This is one of our latest designs from the Release Collection.  How stunning is it? The pearls are crafted in the shape of waves to add a unique, elegant, yet youthful touch to this accessory. On top of that, the tassels make this piece extremely fun to carry. The neutral tones are gentle and calming on the eyes. Gorgeous yet functional, it’s an easy accessory to pair, and an ideal choice for celebratory occasions.


Our third recommended piece is The Shimmer!


 Crafted with three stunning materials using brass, mother of pearls, and natural shells. This piece represents the different depths and layers of the water signs. The gold brass evokes a relaxing sensation that symbolizes the ocean waves. Incredibly versatile, this piece pairs perfectly for every occasion. Whether it be brunch, dinner, or a formal event – this bag elevates and is suitable for any event. 

We hope you love these pieces as much as we loved creating them.


With love,