mintsa Designs for Air Signs

Hey Air Signs! 

As promised, we’ve curated the ideal collection for you. 

If there’s anyone who knows how to have a good time and experiment with different styles, it’s you. 


The corail is so pretty and fun! The size, shape, and placement of the pastel pieces are unique to each clutch, making each piece one-of-a-kind. It embodies the aura of Air Signs - free spirited, charming, and open-minded. On top of that, the Corail is available in black and white resin. If you’re feeling an elegant look, the white corail is ideal. If you’re in the mood for something bold and eye-catching, the black corail has got you covered. 



The Anemone Bucket Bag is vibrant, fun, and versatile. It can be dressed up for festive evening occasions, and can be paired beautifully with a brunch dress. It’s the perfect representation of your bubbly and cheerful spirit that lights every room you walk into. 



You LOVE to mix it up! That’s why we recommend investing in the ivory box, so you can add your own personal touch to it. We have a variety of gorgeous chains you can choose from! Each piece comes with your chosen chain, and an additional gold chain. That’s not even the best part - you can also customize these clutches with your name, initials, or any message of your choice. 

With love,